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Kitchen Protectant Set For Safe and Effortless Cooking

Kitchen Protectant Set For Safe and Effortless Cooking

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Master Mess-Free Meal Prep with the Ultimate Kitchen Protectant Set

Heat-resistant, non-slip. Set includes trinket and glove.

BPA-Free Premium grade silicone.

Say Goodbye To Kitchen Mishaps

Say Goodbye To Kitchen Mishaps

No more burnt fingers and countertops

Silicone is highly heat-resistant. Use the Emura Set when things in the kitchen get heated.

Stay safe without slowing down

Why spend time re-adjusting a slippery cutting board or looking for a towel to grab a hot handle. The Emura non-slip, heat-resistant trinket will do the trick!

No unexpected washing and scrubbing

With the Emura Set you’ll spend less time scrubbing additional plates or washing stained oven mitts, because silicone is non-stick and more stain-resistant than cotton or wood.

Life is Easier with Emura’s Kitchen Protectant Set

Dual-Purpose Hold

Safely grip both sides of a hot pot or pan using our durable silicone trivets. Experience stable, heat-resistant support, ensuring your hands are burn-free.

Open Stubborn Jars

No more struggling with tight lids! The trivet's silicone grip effortlessly helps you open stubborn jars, making it a kitchen essential. Trust us, you’ll use this feature often!

Cooking Companion

Keep your workspace tidy with the trivet as a handy resting place. Whether it's discarded eggshells or temporarily setting down utensils, maintain a cleaner cooking environment.

Grip with Comfort & Safety

Protection from heat probably has never been so comfortable. The soft cotton inside protects your hands from oven heat while silicone outside makes cleaning a breeze.

Less clutter in the kitchen

With the Emura Kitchen Protectant Set, you can be calm that you’ll have versatile tools that you will use on the daily, to make your life easier.

From ensuring that you’re chopping board doesn’t slide to opening jars with ease and keeping your kitchen clean of unnecessary plates, the Emura Set does it all.

Perfect Size

Perfect Size

The usual bulky cotton oven mitts and large non-slip matts take up space and are difficult to handle. Emura’s Set is just right! The glove is sleek and one matt fits several utensils.

Get -50% Discount


Can I put the the trinket and glove in the dishwasher?

Absolutely! Emura's Kitchen Protectant Set is dishwasher-safe. Even if your dishwasher is full, the trinket and glove are made from silicone, which has non-stick and non-stain qualities. This means that these tools will be way easier to wash than wooden or metal tools, and they are less likely to stain.

Is silicone really safe to use around food?

Yes. Emura's Kitchen Protectant Set is beyond food-grade. It's LFGB-certified, meaning that the set has passed rigorous testing. You may have heard people refer to LFGB as the 'German Standard'.

Is the Emura Kitchen Protectant Set BPA-free?

Yes! The Emura Kitchen Protectant Set is made from premium silicone that is BPA-FREE and 100% safe to use.

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