Stand-Up Lid for
Hassle-Free cooking

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Self-standing for spotless counters
Cool handle for comfort
Minimizes fogging with vent hole
Unique design
Self-standing for spotless counters
Cool handle for comfort
Minimizes fogging with vent hole
Unique design
Self-standing for spotless counters
Cool handle for comfort
Minimizes fogging with vent hole
Unique design

8 Things You Can Forget about with The Emura Pan Lid

Messy drips and spills

Hand-scrubbing and elbow-grease

Hectic cooking experiences

Over-cooked, flavorless or dry food

Burning your hand with a hot handle

Scratched cooking surfaces

Broken glass from lids that roll off

Miss-matched kitchenware

Innovative Lid for Every Aspiring Cook

Easy Lift and Handling

Easy-to-handle Emura Pan Lid will have you relaxed during cooking - no looking for towels or worrying about burns.

Proper ventilation for delicious results

The Emura Lid ventilation hole helps distribute the heat evenly and lock in flavor. Food stays moist and temperature stays even.

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Even the best chefs need trusted kitchenware to cook with confidence and serve with pride

No Mess and no Drip

This self-standing lid symbolizes true functionality by preventing messy drips and scratched surfaces. Add ingredients to your dishes in stages while avoiding unsightly messes.

Unique design you can show off to guests

21st century innovative design is not only ergonomic but also beautiful and durable with stainless steel handle and minimized fog vision of what you’re cooking. For a full, matching set, you can also get the Emura Pan.

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A Versatile Lid, Perfect for Your All-in-One Emura Pan

Easy Lift and Handling

Easily lift the Emura lid without worrying about burning your hand or having to grab a hand towel.

Unique Design

Crafted to the last detail, our lid combines beauty and functionality in the kitchen. It’s the perfect complement for the Emura pan.

Perfect Steaming

Add the Emura lid to your pan and witness its magic! Its custom fit and design promotes even steaming, with a ventilation hole to prevent overcooking.

Stand Up Feature

Keep your counters clean! Stand the lid upright when not in use to prevent drips and maintain a spotless kitchen.

8 Ways the Emura Lid Helps You Elevate Your Cooking Experience

Stand Up Feature prevents drips

Stainless Steel for durability

Compatible with the Emura Pan

Silicone Rim to prevent scratches

Vent Hole to prevent fogging

Stay-cool handle for safety

Heat distribution for even cooking

Dishwasher-Safe for easy cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is so special about the lid handle?

A: The Emura Lid handle is designed to make your cooking experience hassle-free. It allows the lid to stand up on the counter, preventing drippy messes and keeping your kitchen clean. Plus, it won't get super hot, so you can focus on the cooking rather than worry about burns.

Q: How will the Emura Pan Lid help my cooking?

A: The Emura Lid is designed for even steaming and heat distribution. Sustained heat will help lock in flavor and avoid overcooking, while the ventilation hole ensures minimized fog as you monitor the cooking process with ease. Other than that, the stay-cool handle and stand-up feature will help avoid making a mess, so you don’t have to waste time on cleaning rather than perfecting your recipes.

Q: I’m not a professional chef. Is it even worth investing in a lid?

A: Absolutely! Whether you’re just too busy to cook or you’re a self-taught chef, the lid is designed to elevate both the cooking experience and the results. The quick and easy lifting will help you worry less about cleaning your counters and let you enjoy the beauty of it all. Minimal fogging allows you to monitor your food at a glance, and the even heat distribution helps avoid over-cooking. So you'll bid farewell to dry chicken breasts!

Q: I only buy professional-grade equipment. Does the Emura lid match up with my wants?

A: Yes! It’s probably the most favorite among those who take their kitchenware seriously. Its stainless steel handle stays cool, allowing safe lid removal anytime. It stands on the counter, minimizing cleanup, keeping food moist and flavorful. Your family will love it! This dishwasher-friendly product is designed with home chefs in mind.

Customer Reviews

David M.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Got Mom the lid (& pan) for her bday. She hasn’t stopped raving about it since! Says it’s probably the best thing that improved her cooking. Cooks more when I come over. Don’t tell her but her food tastes better! You guys did everything right with this lid.
Kevin M.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
My culinary teacher expect us to know little about chef tools. Well, I turned in my video making a dish with the Emura pan & lid and what a big commotion! They had to find out where I got the lid, cost, and the details. Needless to say, I got an A. TY!
Jackie C.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Have been teaching my niece how to cook and am SO GLAD I got your lid. She’s crazy about how cool the lid looks and how perfectly moist the food turns out, she said that you could really feel the difference. And definitely fewer messes to worry about!
Alejandro S.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
We’re a big family, so making dinner takes up time, not to mention the cleanup afterwards. With the Emura pan, cooking goes faster and we’re able to have the cleanest stove/counter. Apparently, the secret is to happy faces at the dinner table is the right kitchenware!
Brad Z.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Using the Emura lid did it for me! It gave me status with the women I date!! When they see my bachelor pad, they don’t expect much of me in the kitchen. But when I pull out the pan and stand up the lid, they’re immediately impressed.
Bill H.
Verified Customer
Trustpilot stars
Decided to surprise my wife and upgraded our kitchen equipment to PFOA free. First thing I did was get the Emura pan & lid. Works well and is a conversation starter at dinner parties. Food tastes better too.

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