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Emura is the pan every proper home cook (and budding chef) needs.

9x more durable than average non-stick pans, it’s designed to last. However adventurous your cooking.

And with 8 different functions, it’s hard not to experiment. Use your Emura to simmer, roast, braise, bake, sauté, sear, boil, and fry.

It’s chef-tested, professional-grade equipment you can use to up your cooking game.

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Use instructions:

Your Emura pan comes ready to use. Just take it out of the packaging, and cook.

The hardest bit is deciding what to make. Because Emura is so versatile, safe, and easy to use, you can explore your adventurous side.

Enjoy Emura to its full potential safelly with these tips:


Use wood or silicone utensils

Cook at medium heat

Cushion Emura when stacking

Use it to cook in the oven

Use oven gloves when removing pan from the oven


Use metal utensils

Cook above 260C /500F

Stack pans

Heat up a dry pan

Care instructions:

Our superior nonstick surface makes cleanup simple:


Let the pan cool before cleaning

Handwash with warm, soapy water

Use a non-abrasive sponge


Shock a hot pan in cold water

Put it in the dishwasher

Use metallic or abrasive sponges

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